Friday, 15 January 2010

Seaweed benefits for good health

Seaweed is probably one of the greatest and cheapest super-foods. Seaweed benefits our health because it supplies lots of good nutrition without supplying unhealthy amounts of fats or sugars.

Seaweeds have been in use as beneficial food stuffs for millennia. Most island cultures have a history - and pre-history - of extensive seaweed use.

Now you can buy it conveniently dried and packaged in most health food shops and many ethnic shops. The Chinese and Japanese have huge areas devoted to seaweed cultivation. They've also developed the use of seaweed to a high degree. If you want to sample seaweed cuisine at its best, go to a good Japanese restaurant. Seaweed is also harvested from the coasts of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

There are many different kinds which are worth trying, including dulse, laver and kelp. There is even a type of seaweed which is particularly renowned as an aid to weight loss.

For more information on seaweed benefits, please see my article about Seaweed health benefits

Do I eat seaweed? Of course, but not always as often as I mean to! I nearly always feel better for eating it but I do tend to forget about it as it stores so well in the back of the cupboard.

Think I'll make it a new year's resolution to eat seaweed more often. It's delicious, so it shouldn't be exactly a chore. Just got to convince everyone else...

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